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”Why is your site in Swedish only?”

( Detta inlägg är tänkt att vara på Engelska, så att du inte tror att du fått något fel på datorn. )

I’ve had a lot of questions from my non-Swedish readers regarding the choice to use Swedish on my homepage. It’s mainly because I’m lazy, but also to cater to my main audience. I’m a Swede, typing away in Swedish, for my Swedish readers. It’s pretty self explanatory, but I understand that it feels a bit frustrating when you visit a page and the language is all gibberish.

So. To solve this ”issue” I had two choices. Either I learn everyone that visit my homepage Swedish, but that was a bit hard, remember I’m lazy. The other choice was to add Google Translate to translate the entire homepage to a preferred language, instead of Swedish. I went for option two.

Simply choose the language from the drop down menu at the lowest part of the homepage and off you go. Now you will be able to read and hopefully understand most of the posts and pages. I’m happy to help if there is something that can’t be translated, or if something stops working.

If you are a ”foreigner” on my homepage, please comment if this works for you or not. I understand that machine translation isn’t the best thing in the world, but Google is getting good. They are quickly getting better too. I’ve tried to visit a lot of Russian knife manufacturers homepages using Google Translate and it has been really good.

Swedish is a strange language though, and it might translate pretty odd at times.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you later.