Läsarfråga: Touchpad problems in Ubuntu 11.10

(Den här frågan ställdes ursprungligen på ett annat språk, jag har översatt frågan och svaret till Engelska för att underlätta för övriga läsare att ta del av innehållet).

Ever since I installed the update from 11.04 to 11.10 I’ve encountered problems with my Touchpad on my notebook. Most of the time it works without problem, but then it freeze and stops working. No buttons on the Touchpad works and the pointer is freezed in place. Have you encountered this problem, and most important, have you found a solution for it?” – Aston D

Hi Aston.

I believe most users have encountered this problem at least one time. It seems it’s a known bug in Ubuntu 11.10, something that slipped thru the quality control, since it’s been there during the beta and now in the final release.

I’ve noticed this bug myself and have a solution that will permanently remove the issue. I don’t know your computer experience, but it doesn’t really matter at this point. If you experience problems applying this ”fix”, you should contact me again for more help.

1. Open the Ubuntu program central (Ubuntu Programcentral, in Swedish).
2. Search for ”Synaptiks”.
3. You will find 1 software and the description is ”Synaptiks Touchpad Configuration Tool”.
4. Install this software and then restart the computer.
5. Once the computer have restarted, go to the program launcher and run ”Synaptiks”.
6. Enjoy your working Touchpad.

Although this is an ”unofficial” fix for the bug in Ubuntu 11.10, I’ve managed to run my computers just fine.

I hope this solve your problems too Aston.

Have a nice day!